Redheads and Ginger

If you're a friend of Redhead, you know who we are and what we do. Hi! Glad you came to visit! For the rest of our kind viewers: we're a boutique brand and marketing firm in Old Town Lansing (Michigan, that is). You can read all the gory details and see our grown up work here. Welcome, and nicetomeetcha.

To answer the burning question almost everyone asks, no, you don't have to be a Redhead to work here. We give equal opportunity to hair color of all varieties. But Redhead did start out as a hair color. (And a few years and kids and deadlines later, it still is thanks to the help of a lovely hair stylist.)

But as we like to say, Redhead isn't just a hair color, it's an attitude. Even our brunettes are definitely Redheads.

So, this Ginger Thing?

Are you asking about the store, or the anglophile angle? The store. Well, we spend our days building all sorts of pretty things for a very wide variety of clients. And we love it. We are quite lucky to do what we do! If you know anything about the creative industry, however, you'll know that for every idea that sees the light of day, two or four or more end up gathering dust somewhere. Plus the sketchbooks around here are insanely full of doodles and crafted typography and burgeoning ideas. Seriously, we have ideas coming out of our ears, fingers and toes. Thus Ginger—a place to put them.

And, yes, the Brit thing. It's true, we're smitten. Our minor obsession is a great excuse to use words like "fancy" and "proper." Plus, there's really nothing better than a little British car, an earful of The Clash, or an episode of Doctor Who, is there?

Thanks for stopping by to meet Ginger. Visit often as our supply of curiosities and paper goods will be ever-expanding. Cheers!